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Academician and National Engineering Master -- Cao Chusheng

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A graduate from Shanghai Jiao Tong University in 1948,  

Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering,

National engineering design master,

Chairman of BIDR Expert Panel,

Member of the Technical Committee of Ministry of Water Resources,

Director of Chinese Society of Hydroelectric Engineering,

Member of the World Water Resources Association,

Former director of National Pumped Storage Technology Committee,

Member of the expert panel of South-to-North Water Diversion Project,

Professor of Tianjin University.

Chief editor of Hydraulic Structure Chapter in Water Conservancy Volume of China Encyclopaedia. Author of Dam Technology in China, Approximate Method of Seismic Stress Analysis for Multi-Arch Dam, Panjiakou Pumped Storage Hydropower Station, etc.

Used to be in charge of design of Fuziling Reservoir Multi-Arch Dam, Yanguoxia Hydropower Station on Yellow River, Panjiakou Water Control Project on Luanhe River, Xuanmiaoguan Hydropower Station in Hubei Province, etc. Panjiakou Water Control Project won a gold medal for its excellent design.

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