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Overseas Projects

Contracts of Suki Kinari Hydropower Project Sealed with CGGC

Release Time: 2016-11-30    Source:    Views:26711    [Back to list]

Technical services contracts for Suki Kinari Hydropower in Pakistan were sealed with CGGC lately.

The project is located on Kunhar River in KPK Province, about 256km away from the capital of Islamabad. It accomodates 4 impulse turbine-generator units, with the total installed capacity of 873.5MW. It is an ultra-high head run-of-river plant, boasting a gross water head of 911m. The projects primary objective is power generation, capable of producing 3080 million kWh of energy per year. 

The project has a reputation for its technical difficulty. It will have complicated underground works in seismically active areas, including a 20km headrace tunnel, a 4km tailrace tunnel, and an underground powerhouse 800m below the ground surface. The design and fabrication of ultra-high head turbine-generation units (with the head over 400m) has no precedent in China. 

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